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Howdy! I'd like some advice about how to deal with abscess drainage. This is my first time and I want it to go well. Several weeks ago, I had a surgery to drain an abscess from the inside of my anus. Since then, I've been needing to wear adult diapers because of how much drainage I can get (taping a piece of cloth/gauze on my butt won't catch it all and then contaminated/dirty my underwear). The pus is brown, in case that's important. I have a tube in my butt that helps with the drainage process. I sometimes feel the pus come out from my butt when I fart too, which I fart alot due to the fact I currently need to eat ALOT. I gotta take pictures of my butt about every 2 weeks and email them to my doctor/surgeon who did the surgery on me so he can keep in check with the healing process. (Reason why we do this is because he is 2 hours away from me, I can't keep doing those drives just for check ups.) Anyway, to help the anal abscess drainage process go easier/smoother/faster/more effectively/etcetera, is there any treatment I can do to help my anus abscess drain better or look cleaner? (Remember, the abscess was inside the anus, not on the outside, if that makes any difference.) I want to not have it keep refilling constantly, I want to help it stay empty so I can get these tubes out of my butt safely.

    • Derek20


      Hey, perianal abscesses can be awful, I know. What usually helps me a lot beyond the antibiotics that help the wound to heal faster is to wash the area multiple times with soap and water. To actually take the shower faucet and wash the area well. This helps the pus drain well and washes the area and maintains hygiene.

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