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I've been diagnosed with adhd and prescribed adderall to help. it has tremendously, but lately I've been having great difficulty focusing on anything that's important. my schoolwork, my job, and even keeping my house clean. I have a huge desire to do everything, but I feel frozen where I am like I'm paralyzed into waisting time on my phone. I'm not sure how to get over this feeling like I can't do anything.

    • JessMartin


      I feel like this everyday. I never get up. I want to get up and do something so bad but my computer and phone are my enemies. I feel alone all the time so I constantly have to be on the phone or talking to someone on the computer.

    • Niji


      So my tricks. 1) Body Doubling is one of the most successful things I've seen/used. Either put on a video, the news, a podcast or invite someone over to just sit in the space with while you work. They do not have to help they just need to be. 2) Make it an "emergency". Your schoolwork needs to get done because deadlines so that one will make itself an emergency but for cleaning house invite someone over you DO NOT want seeing the house dirty. That kicks your but into gear so fast it's not funny. 3) Pomodoro method. So you can change the times for what works best for you but for example set a timer for 20 minutes and focus on the work, then set it for 5 minutes and don't focus on it. Repeat until job is done. I do not suggest using your phone. Buy cheap kitchen timers. 3b) if you're trouble is starting the task try the "YEET the timer" method. Take the timer, set it for however long you want to not do the thing (mine depend on how much I need to rest before doing the thing), then YEET the timer across the room. You have to get up to turn off the timer so you have the movement to do the thing. I've been putting the timer next to the thing so I'm there and might as well...and then pomodoro'ed the thing. I would also talk to your doctor about adjusting your meds too. Now I'm also going to say most importantly do not beat yourself up over not being able to do. It's not your fault. You're figuring out how to live with your ADHD. It will take time. You get it. 🤗👍

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