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Last year I was referred to a cardiologist from the hospital because I was in what I think was flare up.. I was in a lot of pain.. my heart rate was up and down.. at my cardiology visit I was asked to do a stress test and another test which I forgot the name of.. could have been some sort of ultrasound.. I also wore a monitor for 2 weeks.. the cardiologist said everything was fine however he asked me to follow up in a year.. which would be January! Since nothing was wrong I wonder if I should stick to the appointment or cancel. Paying for an appointment when nothing was wrong seems insane to me lol I feel like I’ll be paying again for them to tell me nothing again.

    • notdeadem


      How are you physically feeling lately? Are you having any symptoms that you think a cardiologist should address? Ignoring what was found last year I would personally go if I felt something felt off. Or possibly see if you can switch to a different cardiologist for a second opinion. Personally I’ve been gaslit by so many doctors and trusting my intuition to tell me when something is wrong is the only thing that’s kept me alive. I’d say go with your gut on if you feel you need to be seen and if in past experiences you do feel *seen* and heard with this provider :)

    • Lolita


      Your cardiologist ruled out the more risky conditions such as heart attack and arrhythmias. I would still attend to the follow up, and i would try to figure out what caused this flare. Have you had panic attacks?

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