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Has anyone experienced this and did their doctor provide theories for the cause? I had a lap 7 or so weeks ago which included excision of endometriosis lesions in abdominal wall and resection of bowel adhesions. I had sex for the first time post-surgery, which did not produce any pain during. However, I started having severe cramps almost immediately after (felt more like intestinal cramps than menstrual). I assumed it was just a side effect of surgery and healing but My doc didn’t seem to have an answer. I’m still hoping it’s surgery related and not a comorbidity 🤞🏼

    • 100Percent_K


      Healing and pelvic floor dysfunction likely

    • Star01


      I am so sorry to hear this - your lap sounds a lot like my last one - I had to have my right ovary removed because I had a cyst completely absorbing it. They had to rip my bowel away from my abdominal wall, they had to place a stent in the connection between my kidney and urinal track, and they burnt off what they could. For the first month I felt great but unfortunately, things began to slide backwards after that first month. Sex was so painful that I have become almost deathly afraid of even trying it. Pain was horrendous almost as soon as it came back. I saw my supposed specialist who insisted that she had managed to remove all of the endo. And she dismissed me from her care so now I have no specialist and am living with the pain by popping pain pills like candy. It is beyond frustrating to put all your hope in something only for the endo to just come back with a vengeance. I am always here if you feel like you need to talk. Big hugs to you xx

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