Hi! I would like to talk to people that have hypochondriasis. I have not been officially diagnosed but I worry about every twinge and tweek in my body because I fear cancer. Is there anyone similar? I use to take anxiety medication and it helped... until the dose got too high and started giving me back pain. So I prefer not to take medicine but it is getting to the point of obsession. If I eat "bad food" and then feel a twinge or something I think "the cancer is growing". Sometimes I cannot go to sleep until I pray and pray because I worry about it. Any advice??

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • nonamki


    Yes I deal with this same issue to the point I went to the ER because of it your not alone and then you feel like you see the C word everywhere and you look up symptoms on Google which lead you down that very path so you start getting butterflies in your stomach or a nott I'm your stomach because you believe that's what you have u know exactly this

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