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so I've been struggling with eczema for a long time and im just kinda looking for people to relate too so we can share tips and stuff. its getting rly bad for me and is now spreading to my neck and hands. its been on my under-eyes and eyelids and arms for a very long time. also trying to take off weight while doing it in a healthy way while trying to recover from eating disorders. <33

    • SalineTurnip


      I cannot recommend oatmeal products enough. They have helped me so much. I know Aveeno has a good colloidal oatmeal for baths but honestly you can just throw some regular oats into a spice grinder for the same thing. The Inkey List's Oat Balm cleanser is good for your face, including eyelids and under eyes but be sure to follow up with a moisturizer. It's not a soap so it's not drying at all. And Olay has a body wash specifically for eczema prone skin that's also really good. I use it daily and it helps especially when I have an outbreak. Also this may sound a little gross but I know a lot of people with eczema, myself included, who just do not shower everyday because water is too harsh for our skin. I get by by washing up but if I took a shower every day I would look like a desert. So maybe consider that. Now a question for you! What are you doing to lose weight healthily?

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