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1y ago

Is Parenthood Realistic for Me?

Thinking a lot about whether or not having children is realistic for me. I am on medication, but I still struggle daily. I have a hard time when I think about my future child or children ending up with any of these conditions. It’s been so traumatic navigating the healthcare system these past few decades and I would never want my child to have to deal with any of it. Anyone else grapple with these thoughts?

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1y ago

My husband and I wanted to have another baby via IVF since I tied my tubes 8 yrs ago, but since being diagnosed we both decided not to proceed. I was afraid passing it to the baby and also just not having the energy to take care of the baby.


1y ago

Are you afraid of passing a disease to your child or that you won’t be able to take care of him because of your conditions?

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