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i haven’t been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease by a doctor but i am pretty sure i have it. i’ve been to several specialists since 2016 and had allergy tests, an ultrasound, and blood, urine, and stool tests. all came back with nothing conclusive. i got a referral earlier this year for another GI but i didn’t go because my symptoms went away again. now they’re back. since 2016 i’ve had weeks- to months-long periods of chronic diarrhea and terrible abdominal pain that’s located below my stomach but not the same place as menstrual cramps. it’s resulted in major unintentional weight loss over the recent years which is why i went back to the doctor for it again for the first time since getting a vague diagnosis of IBS in 2017. the flare ups usually happen during stressful times and the debilitating levels of pain happen when i eat or even smell something overly sugary or sweet like candy or sweetened artificial flavors. basically i am at the point of self diagnosing. but starting this morning i’ve been seeing bright red blood in my stool and very frequent bowel movements. at first i thought maybe it was an internal hemorrhoid, for which i would want to take fiber supplements, but if it’s part of a crohns flare up then i should do the opposite and have less fiber. so basically i have no clue what to do so i guess i’ll wait to see if the new symptoms go away and see my doctor again in january when i can get my annual appt covered by insurance.

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      As a person with Crohn's Disease, I understand what you're going through, it is horrible. I wish you luck on getting a diagnosis quick. Blood in the stool can be a symptom of Crohn's Disease too, so I don't recommend the fiber pills. If you get worse, go to the ER, I've had to do that multiple times and it is dreadful.

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