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I think cancer like all illness needs acidity to live. cut that off by your homeostasis control. ie mind over matter it will change maybe eventually leave. anyways I see having a minds eye on bliss clears the cancer. now if your like me having cancer is a bad mood. just you overall feel bad. get rid of that feeling. just imagine and think of bliss. in all things try to love too. but bliss is what will kill the acidity in cancer. it might take all day. and you gotta be on it. like really everywhere you look and all the whole while you gotta think I'm blissful. it even works on bug bites. that swell up. thinking bliss constantly you just kinda feel it. then thinking bliss all the way it can shrink. homeostasis guy's!!! bliss acidity in the body feeds disease. I smoke. since I was 14 I'm in my thirties now. all those times I felt like my throat was swelling up or my chest was all overcome by reiterating bliss and trying to change the mood that's acidity driven. eat a nice snack munch... drink water. love while you do it'll make it taste better. and like that keep going! it's a constant notion. like If you a head aches thinking clarity at everything makes it subside. moreover if you a head aches clarity balence and foggy lights will clear it. up... the foggy light you must squint your eyes at things but you'll see light. if it's hard it'll still clear up the longer you think that. cancer is like that. you gotta really press the bliss onto. but in one day it can go away. thanks for reading just my idea about what I went through.

    • Carolina


      I couldn’t agree more! Thank you so much for these strong words

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