Posts on Alike for October 2022

  1. Managing Mood Swings: Tips and Tricks
  2. Valacyclovir for Herpes: What to Expect?
  3. Need Someone to Talk to After a Breakup
  4. Dealing with Plantar Fasciitis: My Struggle and Recovery
  5. Feeling Exhausted All the Time
  6. Struggling with Depression Treatment
  7. Dealing with Eye Discomfort in Fibromyalgia
  8. Recommendations for Salt Tablets for POTS?
  9. Wellbutrin for Depression: Experiences?
  10. Recovering from Foot Bypass Surgery: Need Advice
  11. Losing weight with diabetes: why is it happening?
  12. Anxiety and Doctor Visits: Does Waiting Make You Sick?
  13. Has anyone tried Strattera for ADHD?
  14. ADHD and Absent Seizures: Is There a Connection?
  15. Starting Meds for Depression: Any Advice?
  16. Can You Only Be Depressed If You're Suicidal?
  17. Struggling with Fatigue and Depression
  18. Dealing with Physical Symptoms of Anxiety
  19. Experience with Midodrine for POTS?
  20. Dealing with Hair Loss: Any Solutions?
  21. Feeling Disconnected: Anyone Else?
  22. Severe Anxiety and Heart Palpitations
  23. Looking for Medication Advice for ADHD and Anxiety
  24. Excruciating Shoulder Pain After Physical Therapy
  25. Topamax Side Effects - Anyone Else Experiencing Long Migraines?
  26. Looking for a friend with ME/CFS
  27. All on 4/6 Implants with EDS - Experiences?
  28. Dealing with Chronic Illness in College
  29. Looking for Anxiety Medication Recommendations
  30. Managing Brain Fog During Flares While Working Online
  31. Tips for Managing IBS Symptoms
  32. Struggling with ADHD in College: Need Tips to Focus on Homework
  33. Dealing with Anxiety Before Work
  34. Combatting Excessive Fatigue Without Stimulants
  35. Safe Drugs for Bipolar Disorder: Any Suggestions?
  36. Help with Pain Management without Narcotics
  37. Has anyone tried ketamine for depression?
  38. Has anyone had an ablation on their heart due to A fib?
  39. Struggling to Keep a Job
  40. Do I Have ADHD or ADD?
  41. Do POTS Patients Not Crave Salt and Faint Often?
  42. Could GERD and IBS be causing my trouble swallowing?
  43. Best and Worst Medications for Anxiety and Depression?
  44. Advice on getting my opinionated brother to exercise?
  45. How to Talk to Your Doctor About Fibromyalgia Symptoms
  46. Struggling with Words: Is This an Autism Thing?
  47. What Little Victories Do You Celebrate?
  48. Looking for advice on UC treatment options
  49. Struggling with Mental Health and Unemployment
  50. Frequent Headaches and Vertigo: Seeking Advice
  51. Feeling Depressed and Bored: Need Help Finding Calming Hobbies or Apps
  52. Considering Total Knee Replacement - Seeking Advice
  53. Stuck on Three Foods During a Depressive Episode
  54. Looking for young people with Fibro
  55. Dealing with IBS-C and Fibromyalgia Pain
  56. New to the Community, Looking for Support and Tips on Living with Chronic Illnes…
  57. Struggling with Social Anxiety in Romantic Relationships
  58. Dealing with Hypothyroidism in Cold Weather
  59. Tingling and Numbness in Fibro - Anyone Else?
  60. Introduction to Our System and Interests
  61. Anxiety Attack Symptoms: Chest Pain and Shaking
  62. Dealing with Chronic Stomach Pain: Seeking Advice
  63. Dealing with Sjogren's and Anklosing spondylitis
  64. Crying Spells on Seroquel and Effexor
  65. Fatigue and Depression after Stopping Birth Control
  66. Anyone else dealing with IIH?
  67. Advice on Zoloft and Buspirone for Anxiety
  68. Need Help with Fibromyalgia-Related Sleep Issues
  69. Dealing with Severe TMJ Pain Caused by Stress
  70. Struggling with PCOS and Dark Skin Patches
  71. Dealing with Symptoms: Could it be Long Covid?
  72. Struggling with Anger: Need Advice
  73. Dealing with Painful IBS Flare Ups
  74. Weird Symptoms After Eating - Need Advice
  75. Switching MS meds: Tecfidera to Ocrevus
  76. Anxiety and Drinking: How to Cope
  77. Dealing with Nausea and Anxiety: Need Advice
  78. Experiencing strange symptoms after COVID vaccine
  79. Overcoming Negative Thoughts: Tips and Tricks
  80. Looking for Exercise Advice with Plantar Fasciitis
  81. Navigating Mental Health Struggles
  82. Struggling with Dialysis and Weight Loss
  83. Struggling with Self-Care: Any Advice?
  84. Feeling Stuck and Alone: How Do I Make Friends?
  85. Gallbladder Removal Pain: Is It Normal?
  86. Dealing with Extreme Anxiety Attacks
  87. Struggling with Anxiety: Coping Techniques Needed
  88. How can I stay motivated to work out consistently?
  89. Experiencing Nausea on Insulin Mounjaro
  90. Dealing with Health Anxiety
  91. Coping with Multiple Breakdowns in One Day
  92. Using a wheelchair for POTS: Does it help?
  93. Numb Tongue After Wisdom Teeth Surgery
  94. Experiencing Side Effects from Alkaline Water?
  95. Tips for Managing High Fatigue/Low Energy Days
  96. Panic Attack at a Family Gathering
  97. Anxiety When Eating: Is It Just Me?
  98. Living with Hashimotos: How has it affected your life?
  99. Post-Migraine Blues: Anyone Else Experience This?
  100. Progressive Muscle Relaxation: A Great Tool for Anxiety and Pain Relief
  101. Navigating Misophonia Accommodations in Social Situations
  102. Dealing with Anxiety: Seeking Advice
  103. Dealing with Diabetic Neuropathy Pain and Toe Nail Build Up
  104. Vivid Dreams and Panic Attacks: Am I Really Having Them?
  105. New member with health anxiety seeking support
  106. How to Clear Brain Fog: Tips and Tricks
  107. Why Do I Need a Favorite Person to Feel Okay?
  108. Looking for Younger Diabetics to Connect With
  109. Spotting or Light Period: What's the Difference?
  110. Struggling with Seborrheic Dermatitis and IBS
  111. Dealing with Undiagnosed Anxiety: Seeking Advice
  112. Dealing with Severe Anxiety: Hard to Stand for More Than a Few Minutes
  113. Natural Ways to Reduce Stress and Cortisol Levels
  114. How to Tell a Friend They May Have Undiagnosed Autism
  115. Struggling with Severe Fatigue: Is it CFS or POTS?
  116. High Heart Rate and Chest Pain
  117. Dealing with Dry Skin: Seeking Advice
  118. Tips for Suspecting ASD Diagnosis
  119. Dealing with ADHD and Mental Health Issues
  120. Struggling to Find Medications and Accommodation for My ESA and PSD
  121. Productive Depression: Is it a Real Thing?
  122. Looking for experiences with Clonazepam for anxiety
  123. Struggling with Narcolepsy: Seeking Advice
  124. Finally Seeking Help for My Mental Health
  125. How to Determine if You Have IBS with Dysautonomia?
  126. Dealing with the Loss of My Special Needs Puppy
  127. Does Buproprion Stop Working for Depression?
  128. Getting My License After Seizures at 25
  129. My Journey with Polymyositis: From Diagnosis to Remission
  130. Tampon insertion discomfort
  131. Dealing with Depression: The Ups and Downs
  132. Considering Medication and a Service Dog for PTSD
  133. Concerns about Trazodone side effects
  134. Exploring Natural Methods for Hashimoto's Disease
  135. Minimal Side Effects Mental Health Meds?
  136. Dealing with Chronic Pain and Anxiety
  137. What I Wish I Knew Before My Mastectomy
  138. Dealing with Sudden Anxiety Attacks
  139. Positive Experience at Doctor's Office for Endometriosis
  140. Tips for Dealing with Restless Legs at Night
  141. Can I Take Clonidine After Drinking?
  142. How Often Should You Screen Your Breasts?
  143. Struggling with Intimate Personal Activity on Zoloft and Strattera
  144. What Cognitive Issues Do You Deal With?
  145. Prozac Side Effects: Anyone Else Experiencing Worsened Anxiety?
  146. First Time Trying Ketamine Infusion Tomorrow
  147. Struggling with MS Fatigue: Seeking Advice
  148. My Cat Won't Leave My Legs - What Should I Do?
  149. Feeling Anxious After Drawing Something Scary
  150. Looking for Friends and Coping Mechanisms for My Mental Health Conditions
  151. Struggling to Get Out of Bed in the Morning
  152. Do I Need to Lose Weight If I'm Healthy?
  153. Looking for advice on medication combinations
  154. Struggling with Autism and Weight Loss
  155. Living with Pure O OCD: My Struggle with Medication
  156. Dealing with Chronic Back Pain from Scoliosis
  157. My Experience with Multiple Shunt Revisions for Hydrocephalus
  158. Struggling with ADHD and forgetfulness
  159. Straterra for ADHD: Any success stories?
  160. Living with Chronic Pain: Seeking Support and Answers
  161. Using Medical Marijuana for Anxiety and Depression
  162. Panic Attack Out of Nowhere
  163. Managing Hashimoto's Symptoms with a Perfect TSH
  164. Struggling with Food Aversion
  165. New to Alike, Looking for Support with Depression
  166. How long does trazadone make you sleep?
  167. Feeling Sad All the Time, Need Advice
  168. Looking for Anxiety Apps and Chatting Buddies
  169. Lower Left Ribcage Pain: Anxiety or Something More Serious?
  170. OCD and Body Dysmorphia: When Your Mind Controls Your Goals
  171. Dealing with Gallbladder Pain: Seeking Advice
  172. Negative experiences with Humira for Ankylosing Spondylitis?
  173. Ketamine Use: Experiences and Advice?
  174. Dealing with Parents' Borderline Personality Disorder and Dependent Personality …
  175. Struggling with Chronic Fatigue and Medication
  176. Duration of Depressive Episodes in Bipolar 2
  177. Has anyone tried Pristiq for depression?
  178. Struggling with Acid Reflux: Seeking Tips and Advice
  179. Struggling to Gain Weight: Need Advice
  180. Looking for Fibromyalgia Pain Relief: What Meds Work?
  181. Shakey and Low: Is it Depression or Anxiety?
  182. Undiagnosed AFAB Seeking Autism Support
  183. Need advice on getting an autism assessment
  184. Looking for Migraine Hacks
  185. Looking for experiences with GERD medication
  186. Need advice for muscle pain with Elhers Danlos
  187. Trouble Sleeping, Anyone?
  188. Realizing I Might Have ADHD
  189. New PoTSie seeking advice
  190. Dealing with Post-Panic Attack Sickness
  191. Day 1 Off My Meds: Feeling Better Already
  192. Fibromyalgia and Deep Tissue Massage: A Cautionary Tale
  193. Question about applying for disability benefits with mental and physical health …
  194. Seeking Suggestions for Chronic Pain Relief
  195. Struggling with Weight Loss
  196. Feeling Shaky on the Inside
  197. Stopped Clonidine for Anxiety, Now What?
  198. Struggling to Move On After a Long-Term Relationship Ends
  199. My Journey to Being Hep C Free
  200. Need advice on getting an accurate diagnosis for possible bipolar disorder
  201. Loss of Feeling in Body: Need Advice
  202. Looking for Tips to Manage Day-to-Day Life with Mental Health Struggles
  203. Help me diagnose my chronic illness
  204. Book Suggestions for Late Autism Diagnosis in Adults
  205. Natural remedies for anxiety: seeking advice
  206. Dealing with Job Interview Anxiety
  207. Admitted to the Hospital: Need Support
  208. Need help waking up without caffeine
  209. Wheelchair User Seeking Community
  210. Enlarged Spleen with End Stage Liver Disease
  211. Has anyone tried Better Help?
  212. Advice on creating communication cards for someone with learning disabilities an…
  213. Coping with Hopelessness: Tips and Tricks
  214. L-Theanine Supplements for Anxiety Relief
  215. Struggling with Nonverbal Communication as an Autistic Person
  216. Struggling with OCD: Anyone else?
  217. Complaining About a Mental Health Provider
  218. Trying an App to Save My Marriage with a Chronically Ill Spouse
  219. Feeling Alone with ADHD: My Story
  220. CBD for Depression and Anxiety: Does it Work?
  221. Best weight loss tips for PCOS?
  222. Struggling to Stay Hydrated with POTS
  223. Developed Joint Pain After Infection - Seeking Advice
  224. Seeking Insight on SCT for MM Patients and Weight Loss Struggles
  225. Can't Sleep Through the Night
  226. Prolonged Kidney Pain After COVID?
  227. Debating Whether to Take Adderall Prescription or Not
  228. Ritalin vs Vyvanse for ADD: Which is more effective?
  229. Looking for advice on medication for anxiety and PTSD
  230. Struggling to Wake Up Feeling Refreshed
  231. Sudden Panic Attacks - Anyone Else?
  232. Starting Birth Control: Fear and Excitement
  233. How to Stop Overthinking and Manage Anxiety?
  234. Looking for TV shows with EDS representation
  235. Looking for ADHD+Anxiety+Depression medication advice
  236. Dealing with Morning Fatigue
  237. Fluoxetine/Prozac: Share Your Experience
  238. Relief from Hypermobility Pain with Opiates?
  239. Going Vegan for Health: My Experience
  240. Coping with Frequent Nightmares
  241. Balancing Work and Chronic Illness: When to Talk to Your Employer
  242. Cheaper ways to get screened for autism?
  243. Feeling Tired All the Time? Here's What You Can Do
  244. Struggling with Overeating Habits
  245. Feeling Uneasy About Surroundings
  246. Prozac dosage increase - anyone else?
  247. Dealing with POTS and PVCs during stress
  248. Should I bring a cane to college?
  249. Weird Feeling When I See Flashing Lights
  250. Introducing Myself: Struggling with PCOS, Nasal Polyps, and Anxiety
  251. Need help understanding BPD and Bipolar
  252. How to Take Vitamins Without Feeling Sick?
  253. Do I Have Autism? Seeking Opinions
  254. Tips for Tilt Table Test Tomorrow
  255. Life with Diagnosed Autism: What to Expect?
  256. Looking for others with pseudotumor cerebri/IIH
  257. Tapering off Risperdal after 8 years - any advice?
  258. Products for Chronic Illness Life
  259. 21 and getting a hysterectomy for endometriosis
  260. Questions about Pituitary Tumor Symptoms and Removal Process
  261. Sudden Anxiety Attack While Reading
  262. What are your Sjogren's Syndrome symptoms?
  263. Need help lowering my high blood pressure without insurance
  264. Psoriasis spreading after using cortisone cream
  265. Need tips for weight loss after medication-induced weight gain
  266. Tips on Celebrating Weight Gain
  267. Seeking advice on diet for endocrine condition
  268. Tips for Surviving a Tolerance Break When Coping with Mental and Chronic Physica…
  269. Feeling Watched and Anxious
  270. Autistic and Trans: How My Diagnosis Could Affect My Transition
  271. Is My Heart Rate Normal?
  272. Coping with Anemia: Need Suggestions
  273. Struggling with Anxiety and Employment
  274. Managing BPD: Seeking Advice
  275. Taking Ozempic: Anyone Else?
  276. Sertraline dosage increase
  277. Unexplainable Swings in TSH Levels
  278. Tips for Beginning Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
  279. Looking for others with fibromyalgia
  280. Coping with Grief and Midterms: My Struggle
  281. Scared of Starting Blood Thinners for Afib Diagnosis
  282. Constant Anxiety and Depression Symptoms
  283. Dealing with Thyroid Issues While on the Pill
  284. Dealing with Artist Block Due to Depression
  285. Looking for Gluten-Free Snack Recommendations
  286. Overthinking Symptoms: The Vicious Cycle of Health Anxiety
  287. Coping with Anxiety: Is Zoning Out a Good Strategy?
  288. Major Drug Interaction with Celexa and Strattera
  289. My Journey Back to Health: Encouragement and Lessons Learned
  290. Dealing with Fibromyalgia and Severe Back Injury
  291. Tips for Managing Anxiety: What Works for You?
  292. Prediabetes after COVID: Should I be concerned?
  293. Dealing with Anxiety Attacks: Symptoms and Coping Strategies
  294. Dupixent for Eczema: Improvement on Hands but Not Face?
  295. Surviving Winter with CRPS: Any Tips?
  296. Clavicle Popping: Normal or Concerning?
  297. Struggling with Chronic Pain and Depression
  298. Relief after getting a diagnosis
  299. Job Worries with Mental Health Conditions
  300. Dealing with Back Pain and Anxiety
  301. Using ADHD Medication for POTS Fatigue
  302. Has anyone tried ketamine for treatment resistant depression?
  303. Dealing with Sleep Attacks While Driving
  304. Methylphenidate and Nausea: Any Tips?
  305. Taking Estrogen and Progesterone: Need Advice
  306. Learning to Listen to My Body: A Journey with Chronic Illness
  307. Hospitalized during COVID recovery
  308. Struggling with weight gain from MS diagnosis
  309. Minimal Skin Involvement with Psoriatic Arthritis
  310. My daughter's POTS diagnosis: seeking advice
  311. Looking for Virtual Psychiatrists for ADHD Meds Consultation
  312. Looking for PCOS treatment advice
  313. Breast Cancer Screening: How Often Should You Do It?
  314. Tips for Lowering Your A1C Levels
  315. Has anyone had Gamma Knife surgery?
  316. Struggling with Porn Addiction
  317. New to ADHD meds, not sure if they're working?
  318. Healthy ways to treat highs/lows for type 1 diabetics
  319. Stage 4 Endo Diagnosis and Fertility Concerns
  320. Physical Symptoms of Anxiety Without Feeling Anxious?
  321. Struggling with Sleep Issues and Attendance in College
  322. Dealing with Obesity and Emotional Eating
  323. Newly Diagnosed with Diabetes - Seeking Advice
  324. Understanding Raynaud's Syndrome: Common or Rare?
  325. Celebrating One Year of Therapy and One Month on Medication!
  326. Complications with DEPO Shot
  327. Dealing with Chronic Fatigue and Digestive Issues
  328. Can Women with Epilepsy Have Children?
  329. Chronic Kidney Disease and UTI: Worried About My Kidney Function
  330. Struggling with Anxiety and Depression
  331. Help! No Urine Output One Day, Full Bladder the Next!
  332. Coping with a Stigmatism Diagnosis
  333. Realizing I'm Neurodivergent: My Story
  334. Vacationing with Fibromyalgia: Tips and Recommendations
  335. My experience with trigger point injections for TMJ
  336. Need help with itchy/crawling feeling
  337. Managing Anxiety: Measuring Symptoms and Recovery Time
  338. The Power of Plant Medicine: My Experience with Cannabis and Psilocybin
  339. Taking Lexapro with Bipolar Disorder: Any Advice?
  340. The Effects of Depression on Alcohol Consumption
  341. Anxiety and Digestion: Bathroom Woes
  342. My Experience with Paratubal Cysts and Endometriosis
  343. Need advice on managing POTS and Adderall
  344. My Doctors Don't Understand My Sensation Symptoms
  345. Can Stress Trigger Asthma Attacks?
  346. Why Does Water Always Taste Awful?
  347. Dealing with Anxiety During and After Fights
  348. Constant OCD Anxiety: Fear of Thoughts Coming True
  349. Important Information About Local Anesthetics and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
  350. Considering Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital - What to Know?
  351. Tips for Sleeping Better and Later
  352. Anxious around my friend's brothers
  353. Loops for Auditory Overstimulation: Which Ones Work Best?
  354. Looking for Success Stories with ADHD Medication
  355. Guardianship for Epilepsy: Does Anyone Else Have It?
  356. Dealing with Anxiety and Depression: Is it Medical or in My Head?
  357. Seeing Bugs: Am I Losing My Mind?
  358. Advice on Getting a Formal Autism Diagnosis
  359. Link between Lyme disease and Fibromyalgia?
  360. Has anyone tried Elmiron for IC?
  361. Struggling with motivation and energy
  362. Dealing with Acid Reflux: Need Advice!
  363. Coping with Health Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  364. Struggling with Infertility for Over a Decade
  365. Dealing with Chronic Pain and Medication
  366. Adjusting to Normalcy After Psych Hospitalization
  367. Stomach Pain After Taking Adderall XR: How Long Does It Last?
  368. Coping with Depression and Anxiety: Seeking Advice
  369. Struggling with Mask Wearing and Sensory Issues
  370. Living with RA: My Story
  371. Dealing with Physical Pain from Reliving Anxious Moments
  372. Feeling Lonely and Negative Thoughts
  373. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Tips for Waiting on a Rheumatologist Appointment
  374. Cervical Involvement with PsA: How Common is it Really?
  375. Dealing with PCOS during pregnancy
  376. Question for fellow DID friends: What does it feel like when an alter goes dorma…
  377. Dealing with Germ Sensitivity
  378. High Blood Sugars and Feeling Terrible
  379. Tips for Managing POTs Symptoms During Your Period
  380. Struggling with the idea of using a wheelchair
  381. Severe Rib Pain with Fibromyalgia
  382. Starting New Psych Meds, Need Advice
  383. New to the Community: Living with Chronic Pain
  384. Feeling Alone in a New City with Medical Problems
  385. Newly Diagnosed with Hypermobile EDS - Seeking Tips and Resources
  386. Overcoming My Fear of Tablets After an Overdose
  387. Anyone else experiencing COVID long haulers syndrome?
  388. Best Sleep/Anxiety Medications: Seeking Personal Experiences
  389. New to the Group and Dealing with Medication Side Effects
  390. Constant Shoulder Pain and Weakness
  391. Coping with Mental Illness-Related Disability
  392. How fast do hypomanic episodes come?
  393. Prednisone for Migraines: Does it Work?
  394. Shoulder Joint Pain After Gym Workout
  395. Tips for Remembering to Take Medication
  396. Numbness and Weakness on Left Side of Body
  397. The Comfort of Medication
  398. Is ADHD Therapy Worth It?
  399. Struggling to Find Affordable Therapy
  400. Should we pursue a diagnosis?
  401. Career Dilemma with Psoriatic Arthritis
  402. Type 1 Diabetic Starting Antidepressants/Anxiety Meds - Need Advice
  403. Possible Autism or ADHD Diagnosis
  404. Dealing with Adderall Side Effects: Tips Needed!
  405. Tips for Dealing with Hidradenitis Suppurativa Diagnosis
  406. Looking for advice on OCD medication
  407. Is an Autism diagnosis worth it for fostering?
  408. Flu making my POTS symptoms worse
  409. Best Mental Health Medications and Therapies
  410. Dealing with Chronic Nausea: Seeking Advice and Support
  411. Is Oversleeping Bad for Chronically Ill People?
  412. Hysterectomy Scheduled: What to Expect During Recovery?
  413. Feeling Exhausted: Is it My Heart or Depression?
  414. Sudden Back Pain and Cold Arms
  415. Living with C-PTSD and ADHD: My Struggles and Hopes
  416. Excessive Sweating: Is it Hyperhidrosis?
  417. Has anyone tried the Fibromyalgia test from EpicGenetics?
  418. Why don't my bruises show up?
  419. Hating Feeling Sweaty or Overheated: An ASD or OCD Thing?
  420. Living with Nerve Problems: My Story
  421. Struggling with Sleep and Epilepsy
  422. Dealing with Depression and Grief
  423. Manic Anxiety: Does Anyone Else Experience This?
  424. Advice for unmasking as an adult with autism?
  425. Seeking Help for Neuro-Ophthalmological Condition
  426. What Does Mania and Depression Feel Like for Those with Bipolar?
  427. Autistic Meltdown vs Panic Attack: What's the Difference?
  428. KT Tape for Joints That Cause Painful Popping/Grinding?
  429. Struggling to Listen: ADD or Autism?
  430. Dealing with Anxiety and Depression
  431. Struggling with Daily Brushing: Any Tips?
  432. How did you get diagnosed with autism?
  433. Struggling with an Eating Addiction and Weight Loss
  434. Chest Pain During Period with POTs
  435. Experiencing mild depression on Invega injections
  436. Interviewing Someone with Schizophrenia: Need Help with Questions
  437. Do I Have ADHD? Need Advice
  438. Feeling Alone with SLE Symptoms
  439. Tips for dealing with cold hands?
  440. 81 Year Old Man Seeking Help for Depression and Anxiety
  441. Incomplete Ejaculation: What Could Be the Cause?
  442. Best Anxiety Medication?