I have a question related to applying for disability benefits, especially as a person with mental and health conditions/needs that are relevant. I was recently given a date when I will have a psychiatric exam. If you have gone through a psychiatric exam as part of applying for disability and you’re willing to tell me a little bit of what that was like, could you comment or message me? I really would I appreciate any insight you can offer, especially if you also have both mental health and physical health factors to consider. I know that applying for disability benefits varies from state to state, but having some general context would feel better than having nothing at all.

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  • Lizzorat


    Hi there, I have not yet been through this but I have been in mental health treatment programs where many people were on short term disability so they could afford to miss work in order to attend treatment. I am planning to apply for disability in the near future as I have had to leave my job for physical health reasons. I’m happy to share my experience once I’ve started down that journey and I’d love to hear how it goes for you. Good luck!

  • alliillaalli


    Mine was a meeting in the local DHS office, they took me to the back and I spoke with an evaluator in a little cubicle. She asked me about traumas, suicide attempts, daily function etc. She was very kind and accomodating but it was, of course, denied 😂😂 if you don't already have a lawyer, please get one. It doesn't matter what you tell them, what you can prove. If you don't have a lawyer, they will deny it at least once, probably twice.

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