I could really use some help dealing with stress. I have severe TMJ pain that only gets worse when I'm stressed or when the weather is cold and rainy and it's both of those things right now where I am.


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  • Derek20


    Hi, what you describe makes a lot of sense, the joints move less well in the cold and even more so if there is a problem with the joint to begin with. I suggest you go to an oral and maxillofacial doctor to consult with him about how to improve the symptoms. He will surely be able to help.

    • Elllie


      I went to one and he just prescribed muscle relaxers and pain killers noting more and my jaw just gets tighter and tighter on a daily basis especially when I sleep my jaw clenches tighter can’t chew gum and can’t eat a burger cause it makes a cracking noise 😥

  • AlexanderMB


    I have severe TMJ chronic pain for more than 8 years. Recently I begin practicing Mewing and it is helping me to stop my pain killers like naproxen. If you have TMJ try practicing Mewing 24/7. Is helping me. 🙏

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