how does depression affect your reaction to alcohol? i heard people with depression shouldn't drink cause it makes mental health worse


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  • GingerSnapple


    From my experience, a glass is fine, but drinking to get drunk is dangerous for people with mental health issues. I could have a glass of wine occasionally, but anything more than that in one sitting and I'd start feeling down.

  • jipperoni


    It doesn’t necessarily make mental health worse, but getting an alcohol addiction can be extremely harmful for people who have mental health issues. I drink every once in a while and my meds make it so my tolerance is less than it used to be which you need to be careful of if you’re taking meds, but I don’t have any negative effects from drinking as much as I do.

  • lizzette


    from experience it doesn’t make it worse, i drink rarely but when i do, it doesn’t affect my mental health whatsoever. just make sure to stay safe when you drink and don’t drink excessively :)

  • ajar


    I struggle a lot with alcohol, but when I'm careful it's a lot of fun. The problem for me at least is when I drink /too much/, that's when I start spiraling down into my depression. I convince myself that when I'm drunk it's the most "myself" I can be, but that is absolutely not true. Just be careful, learn when to stop and you'll be fine!

  • Nico_tiredd


    I've learned that when drinking I can't take my depression medicine because it causes me to get sick faster. I don't drink all the time only occasionally with friends, but I take depression meds at the start of my day so not having it can affect me throughout the day. I don't think it messes with mental health but I wouldn't get an addiction to it

  • gatoraid


    You have to be careful mixing medication and alcohol obviously, other people are talking abt their experiences which is great I'd definitely hear them out, for me, I don't drink, legally can't, but I know a good amount of the health effects alcohol has on your body and can tell you it is a depressant. You have your uppers and downers and alcohol is def a downer, yes some people are "happy drunks" ect, but what it's doing to their body & how it'll react over time is pretty much only negative. I suggest just being careful, knowing your limits & paying attention to how you react when you drink! Stay safe! <3

  • Hythenflay


    Alcohol itself could be considered a depressive state-inducing drug, even though you might feel great while you drink it, overall it contributes poorly to how you deal with depression, sadness, anger, stress, ect.

  • Emmyem5


    I can't drink any alcohol because of the medications I'm, but I've never really drank hardly at all anyway. Stay safe and check to make sure alcohol won't interfere with your medications.

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