I can walk now without any help. I can take a shower by myself. I dress myself and can be left alone. It’s all been possible because my Hep C is gone after taking Epclusa for the last three months. There is hope for anyone else who has cirrhosis. I still have liver disease and ascites but I feel so much better now and have regained my independence.

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  • Joy


    I’m so so so happy for you!!! 🤗 You beat it!! Congratulations!

  • midsy


    I have End Stage Liver Disease and My Dr. Did the last treatment for me ,I'm just on Meds .I did have Hepatitis C Also but I did the treatment Harvoni 4 years ago for 3 months and its cured . I'm glad u had treatment and urs is cured too.

  • midsy


    I'm wondering if anyone knows if there's any good Liver Tennessee??? I'm getting ready to move there

  • Honeyluv1


    Wow I’m so happy for you , I’m on the same medication, it will be a month in two days and I can’t wait to get rid of the hep c aswell 🙏

  • CWMoss


    👍still going strong but never pooped so much in my life! Sorry if TMI

  • ratdog



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