I have been going through a lot of nerve problems for the past few years and some days it's so bad that I can't deal with much.

I have peripheral neuropathy from my feet all the way up my knees, my sciatica bothers me everyday, I have carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel in both of my arms and elbows.

so I have been having this horrible pain in my jaw and ear area for the past month and thought it was my teeth and my mouth because I have Sjogren's.

well last week I had what I thought was the worst pain in my life. I told my neurologist about it yesterday and I was explaining to him where this pain was located and what it felt like. he told me that it was my TN nerve.

has anyone else in here ever seal with so much nerve problems


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  • Wildcat


    Hello there. I have the same nerve pain you are talking about. Mine is also from my feet up to my knees. So sorry you have the problems in the other places. My main problem is when I do the least little thing, it exhausts me. I feel like I have worked all day but only did about 15 minutes.

  • Hopeydopey


    the same here. I can't stand on my feet long at all. It's hard to do any tasks at all. I'm on disability at home all the time and the only thing I have energy for all day while boyfriend is at work is making the bed washing the dishes, doing one load of laundry. I make his breakfast, prepare his lunch and snacks for work and make dinner 5 days a week usually 2 days a week is leftovers or throw a frozen pizza in the oven. I have 3 little dogs that I'm usually after all day. I'm usually exhausted by the time he gets home from work. I do take lots of breaks and watch TV, mostly YouTube. I just wish things would come easy for me but it doesn't. I just deal with it and hope for the best lol

  • evang


    Try light stretching in the morning . A resistance band (very low resistance ) might help along with something like Synctuition or Brain.Fm to ease the nerves through micro-managing your stress. I recommend Dr. Kelly Brogan https://www.kellybroganmd.com/contact/ She has a genuine approach and alternative way to help heal.

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