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Hi! I have a lot going on! back in 2018, when i was 19, i developed a perineal abscess in my rectum and went into sepsis. luckily, i had emergency surgery and lived! but i did develop a fistula as a result, and had to have multiple surgeries and physical therapy. since then, my GI and colorectal issues have continued. I have daily chronic pain in my rectum, including hemorrhoids, anal fissures, bleeding, and pain associated with (vaginal) sex. i also have pretty much daily chronic abdominal pain. i move between intense constipation and diarrhea. i’ve had 3 colonoscopies searching for inflammatory bowel, but no dice. i operate like i have IBS-M, but i have no official diagnosis. i’ve also been tentatively diagnosed with endometriosis, and have been to pelvic floor therapy for my intense pain with periods, sex, and bowel movements. just today, i found out that my ANA came back positive for autoimmune, but I don’t know which one yet. Hoping this might bring some answers to a now 5 year-old quest. I would love to talk to people with similar problems. If anyone has any experience with anything like me, i’d really appreciate hearing your thoughts! and i’d love to make friends with other folks with similar struggles. thanks :))

    • Derek20


      Hi, I understand and sympathize with what you are saying. First of all, diagnosing inflammatory bowel diseases sometimes takes time, and even if the colonoscopy biopsies are negative, this does not necessarily mean that there is no disease. Often the disease is not continuous on the whole intestine but skips parts, and maybe a biopsy was taken from a healthy part. I suggest that you don't give up and continue the inquiry about this, it also took me a few years until they were able to understand what I had when at first they also thought I had IBS, but after a few years, they realized that they were wrong in the diagnosis.

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