My right deltoid of my shoulder hurts all the time. Sometimes I think rotator cuff?? Sometimes I feel like in certain positions the muscle wants to clasp up or spasm it’s so weird. It is weaker on the side my deltoid muscle aches. I was thinking rotator cuff? But I’ve never had an injury to it that I know of. Sometimes I feel like there is this knot in the muscle. I’ve tried electrical stim, I’ve also done acupuncture. It’s just always aching. All the time. Sometimes I get neuropathy like feelings that go down the arm to the palm. But not always.
I’ve never had imaging. I’ve done massage and sometimes that helps. Why would my entire deltoid muscle be aching, and weak with an associated knot that isn’t huge and occasional nerve numbness issues like the arm wants to go to sleep ? But the aching stuff is all the time?
It’s like this one muscle is just stressed and hurts all the time. I’m a nurse practitioner with a job that isn’t super demanding on this shoulder. Any ideas? The tension of electrical stim on the muscle sometimes feels good. It’s like there is mild relief when it contracts???? 🤷🏻‍♂️🥴

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  • Halestorm719


    On the same token if I am on my side I want to offload the weight on my shoulder by arking my arm around a massive pillow… offloading any arm weight from the muscle as I can. If I am sitting I like to have a pillow set up that brings that shoulder up and off of gravity. Again no trauma. God it’s weird

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