I just learned that my celexa and my strattera have a major drug interaction. What are the odds that my doctor knows this? One of the side effects of interaction is diarrhea which I've been experiencing for like two weeks now... (although I've been taking the celexa & strattera combo for 3+ months)

Any advice?

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  • chihiro.sen


    id definitely bring it up at your next appointment or make one. My drs always ask if im experiencing new side effects, its just a part of rx management sometimes, so dont ivalidate ur experience just bc its new. if its decreasing your quality of life it deserves to be addressed. If they dont ask id say something like "hey im experiencing this thing, i think its a side effect from one of my meds, it didn't have any other obvious cause and it hasnt gone away." if they say its not a side effect ask if its an interaction. Its completely possible the dr knew this interaction was possible and tried it in case it worked for you, and would want you to follow up if something like this happens. As someone who has a lot of little things going wrong with their health all time distinguishing between the shit thats just "yeah the human body is bad sometimes" and "this is medically" important is hard. Like were probably supposed to tell them everything just in case, but if i called my dr everytime something that would be alarming to a healthy person to me id feel like im wasting everyones time and being a hypochondriac lol. So yeah this is just to say you're not alone but you deserve proper treatment and i hope you get it!

    • throwmeinthepit


      omg that's exactly how I feel lol In my last appointment we were discussing hypothyroidism symptoms that are like, less obvious and i was like "oh my god that's because of my thyroid??" And her response was literally "yeah of course. Did you not read up on your thyroid problem at all??" It's frustrating how many symptoms I might not realize are connected to my medical issues because I have no idea what is normal for a person to experience.

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