I'm wanting to share my experience with my many shunt revisions due to hydrocephalus. I am 41 years old, and have had a shunt in place since birth. I lived with it without any problems until 2015. I had to have a hernia repair March 2015, and not even 2 weeks later, ended up in the ER with my first of almost 30 shunt revisions that were done between 2015 and 2017. They tried so many different shunts, ventroperitoneal, ventroperitoneal, and ventriculopleural. They found me so many times obtunded unconscious in bed. And many times wandering the streets unaware of who I was. My neurosurgeon met with his entire team several times, they couldn't explain why they kept failing. I'm going on over 5 years now since my last revision. I still suffer from headaches, and some memory issues. I hate not knowing at what point I should go to the ER due to headaches. I don't want to seem like a hypochondriac.

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  • ZiggyStardust


    I’m sorry to hear your story 😥. I suffer from congenital hydrocephalus. Had shunt when i was young and had it replaced twice. I’m very familiar with headaches unfortunately. No one things you’re hypochondriac since you have real evidences for your complaints.

    • Thalimar


      thanks, I'm just constantly struggling with the debate whether to go the ER or not when the headache starts, like is it cause I haven't eaten, lack of caffeine, or is it the shunt, and with my copay for er being $150, there's that aspect too 😢

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