My pharmacy now has my Adderall prescription in stock, but it's been a few days since I've taken it. I like how social I am off of it, but I also know that it did help me focus when I took it. I'm debating whether or not I should stay off of it or whether I should try to get back on it. If we have to deal with a shortage again, I know it's going to be a whole group of issues. I'm also in a job that's fast-paced and constantly changing, so I don't need as much help now as I did before. I'm having a hard time deciding, and would really appreciate it if people would be willing to share their input or advice.

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  • throwmeinthepit


    If you're not liking the stimulates treatment strattera could work? It's a non- stimulating adhd treatment

  • aevyn


    I'm on Strattera, but it hasn't helped. That may be because of other issues I have though, so it might be worth a try for you!

  • Janelle21


    If you’re on stimulants those are as needed, so if you feel like you don’t need them most of the time for where are at right now, then don’t take them. But when you feel you need to focus or that your ADHD symptoms will interfere with whatever you are doing, then take your medication if it’ll help! 🤗

  • cricket2022


    My provider told me it was good I didn't take it everyday. I basically use mine to get through the work day. I don't take it Saturday or Sunday unless I know I'm doing something that will require my full attention.

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