Hi I’m not diagnosed with POTS yet but I’ve had symptoms since I was 11. The only thing is I don’t crave salt and I hardly ever faint. Anyone diagnosed not crave salt and don’t faint much?


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Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

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  • NewYork


    I don’t think any of us crave salt. I know I don’t. We just need it to help out blood volume. Also most POTS patients don’t actually faint. We just get dizzy and I sometimes will collapse. The way to tell if you have POTS is a blood pressure test. You can google it.

  • Zoey_Val


    Yes I have fainted a few times but it has been a long time now since the last time. I think for me I mainly feel dizzy and like I’m about to pass out and I do not crave salt either. You can have your dr do a tilt table test or a heart monitor which is what I did to get a diagnosis.

  • Asteroidrose


    ❤️❤️ you're not alone. and I know someone that doesn't faint very much. but i do. and it's not that you crave salt, it's that you need it. when you are hydrated, your your blood pressure won't drop as much as when you are dehydrated. salt helps with the dehydration

  • GoatFarmer


    I too have had symptoms since I was really young too. I also don't crave salt and have never fainted thankfully. I do unfortunately have all the other symptoms and problems with pots

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