I got put on birth control (the pill) and I’m kinda scared to start it. I’ve seen TikTok’s of people having really bad side effects and bad reactions to it. Then again I’m excited and ready to hopefully start having pain free periods.

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  • zippi


    everyone i know either loves it or hates it, personally i’ve never had a single bad side effect that i can remember, i’m also on it 24/7 and haven’t had a period since 2019😅 it can’t hurt to try for a month or two!

  • Mayflower22


    I agree people either love or hate it. I have been on the pill for over seven years and I've never had side effects. I needed to not have period once for an event and skipped the week of pills to start your period. That didn't go so well so I don't recommend that. Taken normally though I've never had anything. It really helps to keep your period on a reliable schedule and it helps with the pain some.

  • AcAlike


    I have endo and adeno and i have found that the pill can be super effective at reducing symptoms and pain, i have tried about 9 or 10 kinds at this point and I find that the best ones for my endo/adeno were the progestin only/minipill as the estrogen in the combo pills tends to flare all of my symptoms up

  • swagtexas


    I have endo and PMDD and it has helped me a ton. I would have severe depression and pain around my period and now I have neither. I’d say it is worth a try but some people do have bad experiences with it.

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