Has anyone had any experience with methylphenidate making them nauseous? If so, any tips?



Chronic Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea and Vomiting

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  • a.f


    Well, it's not the same medicine, but Adderall made me INCREDIBLY nauseous.

  • Awkwardlysean


    Yeah, if I take it with food and super consistent it goes away after a few days but if I miss a dose I get nauseous again.

    • housesucculent


      do u take it everyday?

  • sleepyhippo


    I think it made me nauseous when I first started it, but then once I took it a little while that went away. So maybe take it with food or suck on a peppermint and see if it goes away in time? Not sure other than that sorry :/

  • AnimalBoy


    I took it for years and it made me either nauseous or lose appetite the entire day regardless of how I took it or when.

  • xoxogossipgirl


    it makes me nauseous and dizzy especially if i miss a day or two of taking it and then take that same dose bc u have to build up not go from nothing to full power ya know but yea idk how to stop it if it’s not happening due to me forgetting to take it

  • Marty_Mayhaven


    If I forgot to take it with food (not something I was instructed to do) I would get severe heartburn and nausea. Which made getting anything else down a superhuman task. That's not counting feeling nauseous all the time when my dose was increased. That with my heart rate going tachycardic when the medicine had digested fully basically had me bedridden every day at 3pm. Not a fun time.

    • AnimalBoy


      I was also never told to take it with food! I took it with food for the first few months but then the nausea cut my appetite down and I stopped eating breakfast and lunch at all

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