I was drawing and I usually don't know what I'm drawing till I'm Finnished. And I was drawing a person and outta nowhere I started to get super scared I don't ever feel this way when drawing something but for some reason it was scareing me I don't understand I wanted to burn it that's how scared I was but mom told me to just throw it away. And for some reason I'm still anxious. Does anybody know why?

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  • Dad.of.Many


    Could it be the person you were drawing g represents someone who harmed you in some way? I do art therapy by drawing when I am sad or mad or scared and just trying to draw what's going through my mind. Sometimes the art can get gruesome.

    • Duckyqueen123


      no it's someone I've never seen before

  • funnygirl


    You might not know who you are drawing consciously but you may know subconsciously and it may be triggering you

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