does anyone know of good ways to manage brain fog and still needing to work during a flare? I work online and when and where I get work done doesn't matter as much but I'll set my alarm and it'll go off in the morning and I won't be able to do anything but go back to sleep. Then once I do manage to get up and try to get work done I can't focus.

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  • megsh


    Increasing salt intake had helped me a little

  • whicheveroneiam


    this is going to seem counterintuitive but I have found the best thing to do is let yourself sleep a little extra, and then when you do get to work do as much as you can then not be too hard on yourself. brain fog is a tricky thing just like any other condition that happens in your head. Then take your time and try to keep track of your habits by journaling or just keeping notes of what you do in a day that way when a brain fog comes you can look back and see if anything in particular seems to trigger an episode

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