What are the best sleep/anxiety medications?

(From the opinion of those with self-experiences please)

Persistent Insomnia

Anxiety (Including GAD)


Complex post traumatic stress disorder




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  • bj8


    seroquel 🙏 works miracles

  • StormiBella


    Restoril, Trazodone, Xanax, And then stuff I shouldn't mention

  • squibibi


    hydroxyzine and trazadone 🙏🙏 seroquel kept me constantly tired, made me gain about 20lbs, and when I first started it I slept for about 40 hours and felt miserable I also developed tardive dyskinesia bc of it, so proceed with extreme caution if you decide to go the antipsychotics route

  • aevyn


    I also had issues with seroquel. I have been on trazodone (100 mg) and over the counter Melatonin (10 mg) for years, and they work great!

  • Cwabs


    Hydroxyzine worked great for me! The only side effects I noticed were that it seemed to dehydrate me and I got really cold as I was actively on it. Other than that it works amazing for me

  • Clever


    i dont know about meds but i took 2mg of melatonin and knocked out immediately im a baby h

  • bimybed


    Seroquel and Xanax are the only two that have helped me

  • Hollybelle


    I was on Trazadone for a long time. Was the only thing that worked. Otc did nothing. Within a week and doubling the dosage of Ambien and still not sleeping the doctor tried Trazadone and even the lowest dose a year later was still working.

  • sunflower813


    I take otc melatonin for sleep (10 mg). Melatonin works great for me, but sometimes gives me incredibly vivid dreams.

  • locaisha


    Hydroxyzin worked well for me but i am not considered highly anxious.

  • Trudie_tootie


    Most of them leave me dragging. Seraquel is only used of im fearing a manic episode and trazidone i half the smallest given amount. My hero ends up being benadryl or just pure exhaustion.

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