Anyone else have PsA with extremely minimal skin involvement? I've had maybe 10 psoriatic rashes in my life and they're all super small, last for a week or so, and resolve. They absolutely look like plaque psoriasis, but it's hard not to second guess. I'm only 22 and I have signs of erosion in my feet, but I also have all negative blood work, and even a normal sed rate.

Psoriatic Arthritis

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  • whicheveroneiam


    Yes! Yes it’s so weird! My doctor said it’s likely I had PsA long before I even had any visible plaques from the psoriasis which is wild. I only ever got a plaque in one spot in the first place but the arthritis part is EVERYWHERE. Even now I don’t have any skin involvement but the arthritis is rampid. It’s crazy.

    • coffeeandcuddles


      textbook pictures of psoriasis looks so painful and terrible. For years I've just thought the rashes were vitamin deficiency, allergic reactions, or "chapped" skin from the cold. It's weird too because mine presents a lot like RA because it's even on both sides in my hands and feet except for SI joint involvement on only one side. That's the only joint it's uneven on. Then I got a tiny little elbow rash, red and flakey, so I showed my doctor and sure enough... it's so weird.

  • inflamedfuturern


    Yes. I just have mild scalp involvement

  • Dalbir


    I’ve had it keep in there speak with the doctors to find treatment options like oil, Vaseline, creams moisturise, dovobet (from doc), improve diet

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