I read an article once that discussed how oversleeping is just as bad for you as undersleeping. As a chronically ill person, I've found myself wondering often if I sleep too much. On the one hand, existing takes way more energy than for a healthy person and my dad has always said his side of the family needs more sleep anyways. But on the other hand, what if sleeping for 10, 11 hours some days is bad for me?? Like,, I'm a big advocate for listening to your body but my body isn't exactly trustworthy all the time lol I'm mentally ill as well and worry sleeping too much may actually be depression related

Anyone have any thoughts? I might bring it up to my doctor the next time I see him and see what he thinks

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  • dolphinblues


    I can understand both sides.... too little or too much sleep. I think that if you sleep too little/too much the majority of the time, then that is when it starts affecting your health. Lately for me, I sleep an average of 5 hrs a night because of pain. Rarely do I sleep more than 8 hrs. When I do, I feel that it's my body's way of recouping from the lack of sleep. When I was in my 20's, I was severely depressed and slept about 10+ hrs a night. That took a toll on my body and mental health just as much as the 5 hrs I get now. As a teen, I got about 8 hrs sleep and felt a whole lot better than I ever have as an adult. I am a big advocate for listening to your body as well. Your body will tell you what it needs, you just need to listen to it. Occasionally sleeping longer than normal is OK. If it becomes a habit or happens on a regular basis, that's when I would be concerned. That being said, I encourage you to speak to your Dr about it. Only you and your Dr can determine if it's a health issue for you.

  • Turtle_


    I would talk to your doctor, i think 7-10 hours is whats typically considered “normal” and people with health problems can need more rest, so it doesnt sound like you’re sleeping thatttt much like that the sleep itself is going to be bad for you, but if you feel it’s affecting your quality of life or you’re genuinely concerned about the long term affects then ask a doctor for sure

  • HPLovewrath


    Sleeping too much in and of itself can be a symptom, but at the same time if you’re chronically ill your body may genuinely need more time to recharge

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