I find I have a hard time being close with anyone romantically due to my social anxiety and heart conditions. I’m unable to get physically intimate or even touchy with the person without panicking. This goes for long conversations with any date—at some point I get too stressed talking.
Does anyone have any recommendations to stop or alleviate this? It’s really started to impact my dating life due to this.

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  • Coffeepot27


    I kind of wish people like us were able to meet without feeling anxious. But it’s hard since not all anxious people are the right fit for each other. I’ve never kissed a girl or had sex. So hopefully it makes you feel less alone in knowing that someone of the opposite sex has similar problems. As for me, I’ve started therapy and haven’t seen immediate progress. Journaling my self doubts and insecurities really helped me understand what I hate about myself. Just putting it on notes cleared my head. Sorry if that doesn’t help. I’m trying my best to guide other people when I’m dealing with the same struggle of finding love

    • Possumrice


      thank you for telling your story, it does help :)

  • jorda


    I'm so to hear that. I can relate quite a bit cause my anxiety level goes through the roof whenever I feel like a girl is gonna talk to me irl & my heart races a million times a minute while im out of breath before even talking😥 I think it's worse cause I don't know anything about the person or what they might ask me. So, try getting to know them for a while online through text if you can before meeting. Watch an online movie together or do something you both enjoy until you're comfortable with meeting IRL. That should alleviate some of the anxiety for sure

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