Did physical therapy one time and I am still in excruciating pain in my shoulder almost a week later. It feels like it’s actually getting worse. And I’ve tried ibuprofen, creams, hot/cold, nothing helps dull the pain… should I go to the hospital?

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  • Maryn123


    From what I know about physical therapy I went through, it may hurt in the first few days, because the exercises done there strain the muscles in order to strengthen them accordingly. If the pain is very strong and does not respond to painkillers, maybe you should consult your doctor and decide how to proceed, physical therapy can also accidentally damage or tear a tendon.

    • hedssally


      thank you! I’m going to reach out to my doctor because even doing the bare minimum at PT has put me in excruciating pain in my shoulder for over a week. It didn’t even occur to me but I probably did tear something. Thanks for your input 💕

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