Right now I am having a gallbladder attack. I’ve had severe pains all day and I had about seven in the last two months. Had an ultrasound, diagnosed with sludge and stones. Is there any way to subside the pain? Thanks

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  • Beach_Bunny


    Hi Kellie, Sorry to hear ur in pain. I had an Emergency Gall bladder surgery last Nov. ( Dr. Said I was part of the 20% who get gall stones,) so surgery it is… I am still vomiting bile, now. Practically a yr later. Occasionally. And stomach cramping too. Additionally, I have fatty liver as well. I had been taking or Danza Tron for nausea and then I got a prescription from my doctor for something stronger, however the pharmacist said it really wasn’t much stronger that’s what I’m doing I’m just trying to not be crazy not be cramped I’m not able to eat and it’s been nearly 2 weeks sipping water wouldn’t even need to stay in I hope you’re in better shape than that better shape than I am I would definitely ask for nausea medication and see if there’s anything you can do to change your diet or see what you’re putting in your stomach that may be irritating it Best!

  • E_belli


    I had issues with my gallbladder. Doctors ignored the symptoms and said I didn’t have gallstones so there was nothing wrong. I was extremely ill for many months. Finally a new doc ordered a gallbladder function test (don’t know why nobody else did) and found that mine was only working at 20%. The med that helped me the most was Zofran. It can be real expensive, and my insurance (which is usually good) only covered so much so I was paying a lot for it. But it was the only thing that helped me. That and dicyclomine helped a bit too and hydrocodone. I hope things start getting better for you!

    • E_belli


      Also, I ended up getting mine out. And it was def a relief. Don’t give up until you get the treatment you need, be persistent and advocate for yourself.

      • Kelliemoon


        sorry so late getting back to you but thanks for the info I did use a heating pad for two days and it did subside. I got an ultrasound and the doctors told me there wasn’t much they could do most people have this problem. If I get another one I am certainly going to be more assertive with the doctors thanks again for your help

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