does anyone experience loss of feelings in body? the last two years I've had periods of time not being able to feel my legs it's starting to scare me and nobody around me is taking me serious.

Injury to Nerves

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  • Costanza


    Hey, I think you should go and see a doctor, preferably an orthopedist. Loss of sensation in legs can be caused when there’s a pressure on your spinal cord. Are there any other complaints?

    • xlovesickvalentinex


      I wish I could, as said nobody is taking me serious the only person who has was my old family doctor and tried getting me a referral but my mom says we can't afford it because we will have to travel 5 hours to see them but, it's mostly just that and when I start to feel them again it's pain and pressure my legs will also give out and I can't walk or move them for short and long periods of time. Do you know of anything?

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