what's everyone's experience with Wellbutrin? I am considering asking my psychiatrist to prescribe that along with my antipsychotics to help with the depression.

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  • saradactyl


    I’ve been on it since 2019 and it’s worked super well! My depression definitely eased up, I went from suicidal to functioning pretty soon after I started on it. Since then, my depressive episodes haven’t been as bad, and I haven’t been actively suicidal since before starting on it. Obviously meds work differently for everyone and your experience with it may be different, but my experience has been pretty good. Hope this helps! :)

    • Beeble


      tysm! I will definitely keep this in mind! have you had any side effects?

      • saradactyl


        sorry I’m only just seeing this! I think the only thing I’ve noticed was slight weight gain and being hungry more often, however idk if it was related to Wellbutrin or one of my other meds I started on at the same time. I also have some fatigue but I’m 95% sure it’s related to my anxiety meds and not the Wellbutrin. I hope it all works out for you! :)

  • aries02


    I’ve never tried it personally, but a relative has. They said it made them really irritable/angry.

  • E_belli


    I've been on it for about 7ish years. I take it along with Prozac and Risperdal (amongst other things). It has always been a good addition for me. I don't have any noticeable side effects, never have. I also like it bc it helps my ADHD too. It's really effective. And it is a more activating antidep than other ones, which is nice, in my opinion. Like someone else said, it works differently for everyone. My experience has been nothing but positive tho!

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