Hello everyone!
I was diagnosed with polymyositis in 2007. 4/07 I noticed fatigue in my legs as I walked. Within two weeks, my symptoms increased from not being able to comb my hair and difficulty brushing my teeth to not being g able to bathe. With a CK OF 22,000, told if I had waited two more weeks, I would’ve died. Approx: 6 weeks later my diagnosis was confirmed. During that time I delvelped swollwing issues, I went to the Drs. And they found an tumor wrapped around veins. Which the disease is more than offen associated with cancer and tumors. I later began to have breathing problems which the result were COPD. I never smoked a day in my life. Severe heart palpitations that I would see black. Polymyosotis caused all those things above. I must add that I had extreme fatigue to brush my teeth was equal to running a Marathon.
I’d traveled every month to a Specialist to assist me because I’d exhaust all my option in NYS for healthcare. Because it’s a rare disease and very little can be explain where the heck it came from there is still light at the end of the tunnel.
Two years ago I moved into a warmer climate. stop eating sugar and red meat because both causes immflamation. Went to the gym several times a week to gain balance and core strength. Within 2 months of taking my life into my hands I went to see my rheumatologist. He told asked me “ Did I ever have polymyositis? Because there was not a trace of it in my bloodwork.
I immediately began to praise God because it was his doing and his healing begin. My faith in God is what brought me through this. Please everyone keep the faith.!!!!
I’ve been in remission for two years with only 5 mg of Prednisone daily.

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