Does anyone else have parents that were diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder or Dependent Personality Disorder? I recently found out that those are the diagnoses my parents have received. My therapist says I have dependent traits but I don’t have a disorder yet. I’m just wondering how much my parents’ issues have factored into my own issues and possibly contributed to me developing cPTSD. I’d love to hear about other people’s experiences with this.

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  • darkwitch


    now see, my dad was never officially diagnosed with borderline but i am more than certain he had it. i do a lot of things he did and i am diagnosed with it. quick anger, black and white thinking, thinking in extremes, violent outbursts, just to name a few similarities.

  • Tinkeringtink


    Still working it out in therapy but without meeting my mother and just hearing me talk, my therapist asked if she had been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Definitely makes you zoom out on yr childhood 😂. After a bit it was actually relieving to know there may have been a reason.

    • unicorn


      I can relate. I feel like my life experience is disproportionate to my struggles. Through therapy, I’ve realized that my mom was more controlling than I thought she was and my dad was possibly emotionally abusive, though, and now that I know both my parents have personality disorders, I feel like I’m starting to be able to put things in perspective and accept that my childhood was more traumatic than I than I originally thought.

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