I had to stop taking clonidine for anxiety a week and a half ago because it was promoting low blood pressure and pre syncope. I have a table test later this month to find a more conclusive reason for the autonomic dysfunction I have been experiencing. Since stopping the clonidine my anxiety has resumed in a mostly physical way. Uncontrollable sweating, rapid temp changes, shaking, shortness of breath, an overall tense feeling throughout, 2 anxiety attacks etc. The only way I can sleep is by smoking cannabis and taking Rick Simpson oil edibles. I work with a behavior health case worker/nurse and they said to be seen by a provider if this continues through the weekend. I just don’t know what urgent care or the emergency department would actually do for me, if anything. How do I know if my symptoms are apparent enough to get emergency help?

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  • Motley


    I don't know about dealing with urgent care, but benzodiazepines help me /greatly/ with those symptoms when I have them. They do have potential for abuse so not everyone can get them but they completely stop my physical symptoms within half an hour.

  • Rosay


    Emergency room will only treat you if your Symptoms are very severe but it’s a short term fix. They’ll start referring you to a psychiatrist which is where I suggest you start in the first place. They’re the only ones who can really help you. Of course if you feel to the point where you cannot control your thoughts and feel like you’re going to lose it be on the safe side and visit a mental health hospital

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