I noticed that I've been getting irritated really easily recently and I don't know why. The smallest thing can happen and I'd just get annoyed or sometimes even lash out.
I've always struggled with anger, and luckily I was able to control it very well for a while. But now it's been coming back and I can't really pinpoint the reason for it. Any advice?

Chronic Irritability and Anger

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Irritability and Anger


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  • kat32


    I struggle with this as well due to depression and chronic pain. I honestly do my best to get through the day, and get to the point where I can be alone and in my own space. You're doing a good job ❤

  • aries02


    Irritability and anger are really common with ADHD and depression. I struggle with it too. It happens a lot when I’ve been really overwhelmed and I’m getting burnt out. If you can just take some time to take care of yourself soon and get some rest. With fall and winter coming up it’s probably also a good idea to make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D

  • Weiss


    This is a symptom of depression for me.. but if you have something like chronic pain or just some kind of pain in general, it makes it a lot worse. It's super common to spiral and get overwhelmed with depression and that alone is enough to trigger that response. I've explained it to the people I care about because I find it better when they know. People can say some nasty things when they're pissed and the stress of holding it in and pretending you're not irritated will make it worse. But when that other person knows, you're no longer pretending you're fine. There's some kind of release when they know. I'm not saying use it as an excuse or yell at them, I'm saying that when they can tell, they may be able to help you deescalate or they may be able to distract you. It can be hard for some people to understand, and it is not your job to make them understand though. Just try not to let that irritation sit there and build up. If you snap at someone and they think it's entirely their fault or that you're just a jerk, it can cause a lot of problems. You'll end up trying to apologize hoping they don't think you're just a jerk. That's why I find it easier to just let them know ahead of time. Let them know and if they care, they will not minimize your struggling.

  • luvin._st4rr


    This is happening with me too, but then more stuff starting happening and i’m suffering with horrible depression rn which now i’m realizing i have bpd episodes

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