I have started working out again after a long period of feeling unmotivated again. I need advice on how I can keep being consistent with this and don't stop or don't lose motivation.

I already divided my workouts for specific days (example: Weekends for cardio, Mondays for arms, etc.) because I heard doing that makes it easier to be consistent but I would appreciate more advice with this.
I have ADHD and it's extremely difficult for me to keep up with routines. Another problem I have is that whenever I get on my period I can barely do anything and I literally get sick, so it makes me feel bad for staying in the bed when I should be working out.

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  • Niniluv


    My best advice is try to pick a specific time. I have add so I get the schedule thing and it may be hard to pick a specific time depending on your schedule. I find putting an alarm for each time I want to work out throughout the week helps me. Also doing it with someone else! Makes you feel obligated to do it since you included someone else. As far as the period thing goes it’s been a while for me so I can’t help too much but just do simple things. Even if it’s a 10 minute walk or 5 crunches just do smaller amounts or as much as you can. I know it’s hard to do but if you can power through whatever period symptoms working out actually helps relieve cramps and feels better.

    • Asoingberg


      I'll keep all of this in mind, thank you so much

  • tacobella


    Honestly, apply self-compassion and limit perfectionism. No one is perfect. People that succeed a lot expect mistakes and use them to learn what they need. What’s motivated you in the past to go on day you were? What have you tried that doesn’t work?

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