How amazing would it be to wake up in the morning and feel AWAKE? Like, with a working brain that thinks quickly, and a body that gets out of bed easily, and a cheerful spirit that looks forward to a productive day? Awake and aware and alive? Does anyone else have trouble even imagining what that would be like?...

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Chronic Memory Loss

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

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  • NiqueMK


    It sounds amazing but yes I’m having a hard time actually making myself believe it could be true. I never get a good nights sleep. Always foggy during the day and low energy. But here’s to hoping that maybe one day we could be more awake and alert. I’m trying to get there at least, I hope you can too!

  • jeb


    Oh my god yes! I've always been envious of people that can do that! My mom is like that!

  • Henrietta.Orange


    I agree with all of you. It sounds amazing! Just another dream. Just trying to keep my head and spirits up, if I can somewhat accomplish that, little victory

  • MinouBallerine


    Oh yes, *sigh* that is one of the sweetest dreams that I hope for every night.

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