Hi guys, I was diagnosed as a diabetic in March a month after my husband passed. I’m 34 and looking for younger people to connect with.

Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)

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  • MoodyGem


    29here this diesase really sucks diagnosed in April

  • Michelleryan


    I'm 39 and just got diagnosed on Monday

  • Michelleryan


    I was doing everything right and because of genetics I got it

  • Onyx550


    I'm kind of young I'm 42 and have type 2 diabetes 😥

    • Onyx550


      I forgot to tell you that I got diagnosed Easter weekend 2022

  • ceruleanstar


    Hi! I'm almost 37 and have been a T2D for about two years. It's hard!

  • Maria23


    I am 28 and been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in march last year….

  • ScottishSea


    Type 2 diabetes here for about 5 years . I get so discouraged and depressed from constantly worrying about what to eat. Googling for information like diet and fitness makes it worse. Information is all over the place and conflicting.

  • Cil


    36, been type 2 for many years now. I use an insulin pump and a CGM. They have both been game changers when it came to getting my numbers down.

    • Trumpet_Man


      how accurate is that CGM?

  • tiffers88


    Hello babe my name is riffany I also have type 2 diabetes and I'm 34 I would love to chat and swap advice xx

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