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Hello there ! I knew I had some kind of anxiety undiagnosed from a long time ago . Just a month ago came back stronger as ever . So many physical and mental symptoms that it’s hard to get rid of them . My biggest problems are the panic attacks and the agoraphobia. Anyone has anything similar to this that can share the experience and how should I cure it or approach it . Thank you in advance

    • Abcd1233


      I have had some really intense panic attacks to the point where I almost called for an ambulance. They came out of nowhere (one time when I was just folding laundry, another time when I was trying to sleep, just doing mundane tasks, etc.) and it really helps me to acknowledge what’s happening, I usually tell myself “this is just a panic attack, my body is having a physical response that is trying to keep me safe. I am safe where I am, these feelings will all pass soon.” I try to sit up and drink some water, it’s also good to eat something. I try to keep myself focused on the present moment and my surroundings. In the long run, therapy would likely be helpful as someone else mentioned. But until then, just know that you’re not alone in this, and the feelings will pass eventually.

    • David1212


      Hi, for years I suffered from anxiety attacks that came and went and I kept refusing to go to a psychiatrist for help because I thought it would go away on its own. After years of suffering I finally decided to go to therapy and it helped me a lot. Both my psychologist and my psychiatrist changed my life and made me really become a new person. Did you go to therapy?

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