developed joint pain over 1.5 months after an infection - what do you think?

I was sick in late August (likely caught something from the hospital I work in with patients on infectious disease precautions) with no symptoms besides strong fatigue. i had pain in my left and right hips for a few weeks before that, which only got a lot worse. I started having pain in my left calf, then my knee, then my right knee, then my shoulders and wrist. that all developed over about a month and hasn't gotten much better.

I've had multiple CBCs throughout this time that told me I had an infection, then recovered from that but had a significant dip in platelets afterwards as my symtpoms got worse, and now my blood is normal (but again i still dont feel any better). I'll have tests for RF, CRP, and sed rate this week, but does this sound like anything in particular? I know a good number of people have similar problems but hit a dead end if blood tests are all negative.

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  • Jonjon


    From what I’m familiar with, there are several conditions that manifest with joint pain after an infection. Our infection can be out of your system already but your immune system still attack cells that look like your infection. Obviously, that may be something else that has nothing to do with your infection. Do you have any other symptoms? Rush maybe?

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