Hey, everybody! I think I might have an eating addiction but at the same time I'm trying to lose weight. Does anyone else struggle with this?


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  • 2000ard


    I do!

  • winniexo


    An “eating addiction” is usually an aspect of an eating disorder, especially binge eating disorder (BED). You’re not actually able to have an addiction to food but the feeling of being out of control while eating is a symptom of BED and other EDs. Unless it is medically NECESSARY to lose weight, I would recommend avoiding any advice in this realm. A lot of it will further exacerbate the binge-restrict cycle (where you eat beyond the point of discomfort, then restrict your eating to “compensate” and then binge due to hunger again). I would also recommend seeing an ***eating disorder dietician*** (key phrases to search include HAES—health at every size) to address your concerns related to weight loss. They can help you determine what is necessary and how to get there. A therapist who is competent with eating disorders can help the thought process behind it as well.

  • TeaJay


    It's probably from restricting. When we diet, your body just thinks you are in a famine and tries to get access to food. Your body makes hormones to get you to eat more and lower your metabolism. You should check out some anti diet podcast (not anti nutrition or health). Food psych by Christy Harrison is a good place to start

  • poodlelover28


    Yes! Have you heard of overeaters anonymous? It's like AA but for food addicts. It's a real thing. Try overeaters support group on Facebook and see about attending a meeting (they have zoom meetings too). OA has helped me TREMENDOUSLY! It's for anyone with a desire to stop compulsively eating.

  • erm


    yes !! binge eating is no joke

  • Cyprus87


    Absolutely!! I’m attempting to use conditioning in order to start eating better long term

  • Sarahbeara97


    Oh yeah definitely. I’ve have this problem for years where I eat a lot and then I starve myself sadly. But now I’m just gaining weight and I hate it

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