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My grandfather recently passed away after a few horrific years of dementia. We were very close before he became sick and I’m not coping well at all. I’m also a full time college student in the middle of midterms. I’ve already missed a week of classes and haven’t done any work. I went to one class today but that’s been it. My professors have been very understanding for the most part. But I need to get be able to get back to work soon. I just don’t know how to get out of this funk. It feels almost like a depressive episode. I just have no energy, I can’t make myself get out of bed or do anything. All i can do is cry. I’m so stressed about everything that’s been piling up I can’t even open my computer.

    • Scali


      I have bipolar 2 (mainly depressive with manic episodes) and anxiety. I have gone through exactly the same things, particularly when things were Really on a downward spiral, due to unforeseen events. The right med combinations (in-patient, to find the right ones), along with intensive therapy from an intuitive Christian professional, helped me climb out of those deeply dark times. Try talking with your advisor at college about a medical leave of absence, until you get re-oriented. I hope that this encourages and helps you on your discovery journey. God bless, and stay as well as you can.

      • aries02


        @Scali I’ve been really considering taking medical leave of absence. Thank you so much for your response! I’d have to look into if I’d still be able to get my scholarship but I know my tuition wouldn’t get refunded

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