Does anyone here have scoliosis not severe enough for surgery but still experience chronic back pain? What do y’all recommend for dealing with this?




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  • Sunshine1953


    Yes am going though horrible pain Kyphosis and neck problems. I'm having PT once a week. I work 12 hour days, sleep very little usually 2 to 3 hours.Says have pinched nerves also. If I could afford there's a sugergon in Spring Hill Florida Lazer sugery but I don't have the money and insurance won't pay for it.I am praying for all of us here who are struggling with pain and working.

  • 100Percent_K


    PT and gabapentin have helped my back pain a lot personally

  • SunnyShark


    PT, non-addictive muscle relaxers (Tizanidine is mine but it makes me sleepy), and a TENS unit or vibrating deep tissue back massager.

  • renee420


    Yes! Right here!

  • AnimalBoy


    The only diagnosable reason for my back pain is mild scoliosis and kyphosis, PT helped a bit, the TENS unit is great, and otherwise I used medical marijuana for every day pain.

  • iheartbear


    because scoliosis is caused from your muscles tensing and over-contracting on one side of the spine, i would recommend PT where you get exercises to build muscle on the weak side of your spine more than anything. I did that when i was a teenager, but it was after i already had surgery. i wish i would’ve known about it sooner, and stuck to my exercise routine more regularly, it helped so much.

    • xoxogossipgirl


      wait can PT actually start to straighten ur spine a little bit

  • iheartbear


    especially if there are any Schroth method specialists near you! if not you can look into videos online but that one’s proven to help. I think it’s a lot better than not trying to treat it and masking it with pain meds

  • Icequeen90


    Working out consistently has helped but I also had nerve blocks done in my neck and lower back and that eliminated my pain

  • JJ_W


    I just researched stretches for scoliosis and it has helped quite a bit. I've been considering going to a chiropractor as well but I'm not sure yet.

    • Jacs08


      I was told by my consultant never to go to a chiropractor if you suffer from scoliosis but I'm in the UK may differ in other countries

      • AnimalBoy


        chiropractors are unable to straighten your spine completely but they can help improve spine curvature and pain levels. Also I know for a fact that the UK Scoliosis clinic uses Chiropractic Biophysics so i dont think it's a country thing either.

  • gracefairy


    yes!! i’ve been getting monthly massages, but when it was really bad i was going 2x a month. the pain is still there but the massages have definitely helped.

  • Whovian_in_221B


    PT, chiropractic care, lots of heat/ice treatments

  • MaKenzie_G12


    I do! Fast dissolving Tylenol!!!

  • ifyouknowmenoyoudont


    I use a heating pad with ibuprofen and tylenol alternating. When my back isn't hurting as bad I do some stretches but once it reaches a certain point it only makes it hurt worse. Avoiding things that you know will hurt helps to (don't be like me and get a job that requires stocking merchandise)

  • Cashmoneyy


    I typically use a heating pad. I dance a lot so stretching regularly certainly helps! I've noticed when I don't I feel super tight. My favorite stretch that's good for beginners is hanging low and trying to touch my toes, but also moving my lower back side to side

  • Nuclearsnot


    Since I started seeing a chiropractor my pain has reduced quite a bit. It takes a little bit of time but my spine has started to straighten out from the adjustments and exercises he's taught me

  • L0


    yes started trying baclofen (muscle relaxer) and that’s been of some help but it can be so unbearable and supposedly not much to do … turmeric helps, green lipped mussel supplement can help with immune support and function and supposedly aqua therapy can help I was recommended to try it and hoping it will help

  • JaimeJ


    Yes but I don't take anything to help it. I just push through and deal.

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