Pretty sure I’ve got some type of ADHD or ADD. All these years I’ve kinda just accounted it to being part of my personality and who I am but looking back on it I think it’s probably ADHD or ADD. I’ve never been diagnosed but my dad was when he was younger and they said he had both. How do you even know without getting checked?

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • KittyRosa


    There are online tests that can give you an idea. Not an official diagnosis. It's what I did after some friends brought it to my attention

  • Duckyqueen123


    I can always tell if someone has Adhd before they even know so if they don't know I try to find away to bring up Adhd and tell them they usually get evaluated after and always finds out I'm right but if I suspected it I tell them to find a way to get an evaluation. ☺️

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