anyone who's on buproprion for depression. do you find it stops working after a while?


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  • Dad.of.Many


    Is that wellbutrin? If so yes. It did the same to me. My psychiatrist prescribed Duloxetine and it combined with my Buspirone has been working much better

  • Rayden


    I've been on it for a long time now. For me, I mainly take it for increased energy to get through the day. The sertraline I take helps more with the depression itself I think.

  • coder87


    I recently started it again. I was on it for years as a kid. I don't personally find it helps much with depression. I take it for ADHD

  • Alyssa_m


    it did the same to me, I ended up adding prozac to it to taper off and just went to prozac for awhile

  • Sy84


    Yes my doctor has upped by dose

  • Tracks


    Im currently on prozac and that (wellbutrin). It helps counteract the prozac (I felt like that was acting too strong alone).

  • E_belli


    I've been on Bupropion in addition to another antidepressant for depression that has changed thru the years and to mix with my stimulant, since it helps both. So at the moment, it accentuates both my Prozac and Vyvanse (adhd) and I find it to be very effective. For me though, I find it more effective as an add-on to another antidep rather than by itself. But that's just me, it works diff for everybody.

  • kittyrose


    I had to stop it because it was making my anxiety so much worse and was giving me head explosions. I was hearing shouts from people who weren't there, which was scary.

  • BernK


    Doesn't seem to work against SAD

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