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I woke up this morning and found out my heart rate went up to 140. I know I’ve been a bit stressed about work recently and even really sharp pain in my chest yesterday and today, but I’m still shocked. the highest I’ve had is 150 and that was coming back from a walk when I almost threw up. I’ve had sharp pain in my chest and in my breast area since yesterday. I was sleeping at 1 am and woke up a couple times but my heart rate stays at 40-50 when sleeping. the lowest it goes to is 30s. does this happen to anyone? I think it’s probably me not drinking enough water and I missed a full day of liquid IV and probably not saying properly. I’m used to lower heart rate when sleeping

    • CoffeeAndDogs


      Dehydration, stress, and poor sleep will do it to me. We are not perfect so don't be too hard on yourself for missing a day or two. It happens. Knowledge is power. So just knowing you're in an elevated range you can monitor as you increase your fluids and electrolytes to see if that helps resolve it. Take it slow and rest when you need to. Don't push yourself. If it goes too high, lay down and elevate your legs. And obviously if it continues to go higher and you have increasing symptoms please seek medical attention. Feel better soon!

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