Anybody who is 20+ who feels like they’re behind? my mental state isn’t even the best and idk what i can do to move forward in life . the only thing i was sure i liked doing was making music and i don’t even have the same drive to work on it everyday like i used to . I want to move out and i know i have to start being more realistic and study a trade , go to school or learn a skill . idk what advice im looking for , but if anybody relates and overcame this. What did u do ?

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  • David1212


    Hi, I think the best way is to try and make a list of goals that you want to achieve and define the dates of when you would like to reach them. That way you can try to get the things you want. In addition, I suggest you try to start a psychological treatment that can help you define the goals you are aiming for and push you forward. I am sure you are capable and can do it, just need a little willpower.

  • Lovelyisthenname


    I’m also 20, a musician, and struggle with anxiety, depression and adhd. I’ve found that professional treatment is crucial. Also never underestimate adhd. It can suck all the motivation and drive right out of you which can cause depression/anxiety. The most important thing to do though is to stay away from internet diagnosing and seeing a mental health professional.

    • 222steveo


      i think adhd is exactly what made everything worse bc i just gave in. idk though i had a therapist and psychiatrist but i didn’t really like it and i’ve already been diagnosed

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