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I'm on a journey right now to find the tight ADHD medication for me. They pulled me off Strattera because there were just too many negative side effects. We're probably moviny to stimulant drugs next. I'm honestly terrified. I know that everyone is different and some might have side effects with a drug that others might not. But can I hear your success stories?

    • E_belli


      I have had absolutely fabulous results with Vyvanse. It's a miracle drug, for me. It literally changed my life. I still have symptoms of ADHD for sure, but when I take the meds, I can focus enough to be productive more often. You still have to direct your focus on the right things, ya know, bc it's not magical lol, even tho it sometimes feels like it. It gives me sustained focus, it quiets my noisy racing thoughts and makes me more calm and collected. I can process my thoughts better and don't get so overwhelmed. It does sometimes give me a boost once in a while, which it is a stimulant so I guess it should at least some. When I am hyperfocused I can be very very productive if channeled right! It levels out my mood more so I find and am less impulsive and less quick to react emotionally. And for me, since it slows/quiets my mind, it helps my OCD too. It is long-acting at 14+ hrs half-life. It kicks in in about an hour and peaks at like 3-5 hrs after ingestion. I don't find it gives me a crash in the evening like other meds I've tried. I do get a little tired but nothing extreme or that effects my sleep. The only side effects I have that I notice are teeth grinding/jaw clenching at times. In the very beginning, it gave me a bit of a sour stomach, but that went away after the second week. And it does kill your appetite (for me) and during the day your food kinda tastes like cardboard. But it's only temporary in the morning and things are fine by the late afternoon. So if you eat bfast before it kicks in, you're golden. Oh and as a side note Vitamin C/orange juice does lessen the effectiveness of stimulants in general. The benefits 2000% outweigh the negatives and I find everything is worth it for the things it helps me with. As you said, everybody is different. This is just my experience. I hope you find something that works for you 🙂 good luck!

      • Hydrohead1989


        @E_belli thank you for your insightful answer!

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